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Craig Nicholas

B Mgmt, Dip Fs, Cert IV Mortgage Broking 

Authorised Credit Representative #48721 


A seasoned professional in banking and finance Craig has worked for Major Banks, Securitised Funders, Mortgage Insurers, Reinsurers over the past 25 years. During this time Craig has been involved in all aspects of mortgage lending for most lenders in the Australian mortgage market over the past 10 years. He has been heavily involved in the detail of helping banks set credit policy, approve loans, manage risk and even how they price their loans.  

This knowledge is now harnessed and directed towards each of his clients so they can own their home sooner, minimise tax and create wealth. Knowing how the banks make decisions on credit applications and preparing the lenders guidelines enables Craig to present his clients so they get even more positive outcomes for his clients than the bank provides. 

Craig is passionate about helping people manage their money more effectively so they can end up with more in their pocket ands draws on his expertise with every client he serves so they can choose to create even more wealth for the future.