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It's not JUST finance! Why I do What I do. . . .

My story was very normal. I had a very  happy childhood, growing up in Sydney’s Western Suburbs with my mum, dad and brother.  Dad ran a successful PR business with several high-profile clients. My mum followed her passion for antiques by working in a store. My brother and I finally moved out of the family home reducing the financial burden of 2 growing lads. 

They were financially secure, albeit with a $500k mortgage. Dad had secured the exclusive advertising, marketing and public relations business in Australia for two major American Airlines. Business was good- two healthy, stable and reputable international clients had made long term commitments to work with him.

Then it all changed with the tragic events of September 11. Planes from both the airlines dad was looking after hit the World Trade Centre. Overnight his income disappeared as they pulled the budget in Australia to concentrate on the US market.

At 57, there was little super that he was able to access, no income protection cover and, he had that mortgage. Life had changed so quickly. They were forced to sell the family home, and decided to buy a small B&B in country NSW. This gave them a job and income to rebuild their lives, but it was hard work and long hours for them both. Mum and dad missed much of their grandchildren growing up, family weddings and many Xmas's with the extended family. The isolation saw my mother’s dementia set in early and she passed away from 6 years ago. Doctors say it was in part due to the stress and the isolation from her friends in Sydney.

I’ve been in the banking and finance industry for my entire career and learnt and practiced the principals of how you can own your home sooner. But, back then I wasn’t able help the people I loved the most. I wish I’d known then what I know now. (life can change VERY QUICKLY!) 

Dad now lives with us, enjoys time with the grandkids and I’m working to secure my families future. And, I’m committed to doing what I can to ensure that other families don’t have to go through this.

So, if you’re contemplating a new home loan, already have one or have heard about ways to pay your mortgage off faster but not done anything, take the next step - pick up the phone or drop me an email-  I’d love to help you secure your future so you can AVOID any of this!