nicholas financial solutions

nicholas financial solutions

Why have a private banker who has access to ONLY one lender when you can have access to ALL lenders.

Nicholas Financial Solutions offers outstanding personalised service, holistic advice and exclusive access to funders that will meet your needs. 

This is when selecting the right lender is crucial to managing your financial affairs. Nicholas Financial Solutions offers a unique service specifically designed to assist individuals, businesses, investors and corporations in making the optimal choice.

We aim to ensure you make an informed choice from lenders that excel in your particular circumstances, rather than a confusing array of banks, products and options.

You benefit quickly and easily by drawing on our extensive industry experience as well as market leading product expertise.

We can provide you with specialist advice for a new loan, or for refinancing an existing loan. Our finance options are available for a wide range of purposes including :

  • Property
  • Investments - shares, managed funds and other assets
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Commercial  - cash flow and business

 The best outcome for you is our primary purpose - We will assist you in making informed decisions so you get :

  • Best Quality – finding the optimal solution by analysing your needs
  • Save Time - we source the loan, workshop the options, manage the outcome and monitor the market thereafter
  • Save Money – savings from loans and structure
  • Reduce Stress – by taking responsibility for the entirety of the transactions and finding the right solution first. We remove the stress.

Now its time to find out more our Lending solutions. So talk to us today and discover how we can continue your financial success.